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CD: Creatures of Habit (2008)

  1. Contractor
  2. Holidaze
  3. Meats In a Can
  4. Goodbye to Lahaina
  5. I'd Rather Be in Redding
  6. I Know You
  7. Cortez and Coronado
  8. All Figured Out
  9. Creatures of Habit
  10. Partisan Polka
  11. My Prayer for You
  12. Minute of Silence
  13. Holidaze Radio Edit
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CD: Sweet Reunion (2006)

  1. The Minstrel Boy
  2. Grandpa Played Softball
  3. Gone to Utah
  4. The Junk in Murphyís Yard
  5. Deliver Us from Evil
  6. Reunion Hymn
  7. Erin the Fair (and Caledonia the Brave)
  8. Bonifay Rag
  9. Deliver Us (reprise)
  10. Old Enemy
  11. Thatís What I Like About my Baby
  12. No Good to Me Now
  13. Sweet Reunion
  14. Reunion (reprise)
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CD: Chicken Dinners (2004)

  1. Mama Read the Bible (through my daddy's whiskey bottle) [ listen ] · [ lyrics ]
  2. Fred [ listen ] · [ lyrics ]
  3. I Miss my Moustache [ listen ] · [ lyrics ]
  4. the Flavor Came from Fat [ lyrics ]
  5. Donít be Rude (to the people who bring your food) [ listen ] · [ lyrics ]
  6. You're always at Home in a Bar [ lyrics ]
  7. Our House [ lyrics ]
  8. Just a Wild Hair [ lyrics ]
  9. Tears Ran Down my Cheeks [ lyrics ]
  10. Mailing List
  11. Blue Hawaii
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CD: Bad Gravity Day (2002)

  1. Bad Gravity Day
  2. Do What I Can
  3. Keep Walkin'
  4. Minimum Wager
  5. One Meatball
  6. Can't Hang Up
  7. Barefoot John
  8. A Prayer For the Living
  9. Down Easy
  10. Now Is the Hour

I don't know about anybody else, but this is the one I've been waiting for, and now it's here, I'm not sure how to act. I hope the world will soon be as excited as I am about this little beauty... I've sent out review copies, and have my fingers crossed... of course, my fingers get crossed all the time, but this time it's for luck.

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CD: Burgers and Champagne (1998)

  1. Methuselah Heads West
  2. Burgers and Champagne
  3. So Much it Scares Me
  4. Lucky Penny
  5. I Like Your Skin
  6. Piranhas, Iquanas
  7. Nose Job
  8. Night Flowers
  9. Town without Pitney
  10. Remember
  11. Lazarus Strut

OK, so whaddya call this music? how about... uptown-acoustic swing, jump, good-time ragtime, jugband stomp-blues with a dash of Tex-Mex-Hawaaian... ? or maybe just... eclectic folk ditties to warm the hearts of Fats Waller, Leon Redbone and Tom Lehrer...

"Humorous, romantic, and very clever." - Independent Songwriter Web Magazine

"Pre old-school, with chords that haven't been heard since Hoagy Carmichael... returns us to a time when music wasn't afraid to make us laugh and cry." - Chuck Foster, The Beat Magazine

"A fresh, dynamic performing songwriter with a uniquely appealing twisted sense of humor." - Dave Stafford, KKUP

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Book: Uncle Rhythm's Cosmic Riff and Gig Guide (Out of Print)

Paperback: 164 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 8.25 x 0.25 x 5.25
Publisher: Woodshed Productions; (September 1, 1993)
ISBN: 0963686968

Read an Excerpt of Uncle Rhythm's Cosmic Riff and Gig Guide

"McCabe's book is a hoot." - Paul Graham, Dirty Linen

"... reflective and resonant... with an alarming dash of reality." - Chuck Foster, BEAT Magazine

"Tickled my funnybone..." - Alexandra Haslam, BAM Magazine

"Not since Jack Kerouac and Tom Wolfe have I read a book that so nailed the feel of an era and out-on-the-fringe subculture with such insight and humor." - John Braheny, Co-founder/Director, Los Angeles Songwriters' Showcase.

"... entertaining collection of 23 vignettes... Cosmic Riff provides comic relief for a profession that tends to take itself too seriously." - Mary Frances Wilkins, American Library Association

Buy it on Amazon.com

CD: When We Wuz Cowboys (Out of Print)

Re-mastered KFAT fun with Joe Weed, fiddle, Pete Grant dobro & pedal steel.

2 bonus tracks not on the original vinyl, and (while they last, collectors) we'll throw in a Nashville 45... only one ever produced on the Woodshed label! $16 from Woodshed

CD: Hard Travelin'

A 2-album, 24-song compilation of contemporary and traditional folk music... fine vocals from these veteran performers who will remind you variously of the Limelighters, Kingston Trio, and Sons of the Pioneers.

(Chuck plays banjo with these guys)

$16.00 (includes tax & shipping) from Woodshed

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