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Just a Wild Hair

Wild Hair




Tonight how the teardrops are fallin'

You've packed all the dishes and your clothes

And in five minutes more you'll be closin' the door

To start your new life, I suppose.


A real man can feel, and when the feelin's get real

A man doesn't care if it shows

But it's not your goodbye that's makin' me cry

It's just a wild hair that's gone up my nose.


A dog hair, a horsehair, a long or a shorthair

As any man who's got any hair knows

There's nothin' in life puts a tear in your eye

Like a wild hair that's gone up your nose.


Now some noses run so politely

Like the dew trickles down off a rose

But when them pollens and spores go driftin' up yours

It runs like an old garden hose.


So if you see me tonight with a tear in my eye

Don't stare at my dispair

It's not a moment to share

I swear it's just a hair up my nose...

Just a wild hair that's gone up my nose.



© Chuck McCabe

Contact: Woodshed Productions, 15466 Los Gatos Blvd. STE 109-161, Los Gatos, CA 95032 - chuck@chuck-mccabe.com.

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