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Tears Ran Down my Cheeks

Tears Ran Down my Cheeks



Uncle David was like my brother, older by a year or two

Right or wrong, I tagged along to learn all the things he knew

So when he went out to a big ol' field where the rabbit tobacco grew

And rolled some up in the page from the phonebook... I did, too

We fired 'em up with a kitchen match and we both took a toke or two


Tears ran down my face, my nose ran down my chin

I sneezed and coughed, and leaked or lost all that I was holdin' in

I swear it nearly killed me, but David was my friend

So I said: "that's great, and I can't wait to smoke some of that again."


I soon got another chance, when I was just nine or ten

It was out behind the backstop, where the boys turn into men

One kid had a magazine, there was nothin' in there but skin!

Another had a pack of Luckies, and that's when the fun began.


Tears ran down my cheeks, my nose ran down my chin

My body shook, and I got a look at breakfast once again

Man, them things were murder, but I couldn't say that to them

So I said: "that's fine, and I don't mind Lucky Strikes again!"


Some folks should know better, some folks never learn

Some folks they'll try anything, if you tell 'em "it's your turn"

Some folks ought to quit, some folks never can

Some folks know from the get-go when a thing ain't right for them.


I was over at Mary Jane's place, with some candlelight and wine

she said: "now, I'm gonna turn you on!" I said: "you're already doin' fine!"

She rolled us up a "roofer"... take a hit and hold it in.

I ran into the bathroom, 'cause you know what happened then.


My face was in the basin, and I guess those walls were thin

I heard a knock, and the front door popped and the cops come bustin' in

She said "there's a man in there, and this stuff belongs to him...

I didn't know what in the world it was, when he brought it in"


Tears ran down my cheeks, my nose ran down my chin

And I ran down the alley with a lesson sinkin' in

so thanks for the education, thanks for the memories

You can smoke 'em if you've got 'em, folks, but keep 'em away from me!



© Chuck McCabe

Contact: Woodshed Productions, 15466 Los Gatos Blvd. STE 109-161, Los Gatos, CA 95032 - chuck@chuck-mccabe.com.

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