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I Miss my Moustache

I Miss my Moustache



I miss the Good Ol' Days

I'm missin' pieces of my past

The Winds of Change blew hard and strange and it all went by so fast.

I miss the girl I should have married, and the ones I could not catch

And when the cold wind blows around my nose, I miss my moustache.


I missed the Last Train to Clarkesville

I miss Crosby Stills & Nash

With sideburns flyin' my friends and I ran down the Rosy Path

I miss the sunshine on my shoulder, and my hair down to my ___

And when the Beatles play "Yesterday" I miss my moustache.


I do not miss the way my kiss made the girls all laugh

They looked at me like Pancho Villa in some old photograph

So good-bye, old banditos, better hold on to your masks

When the world gets wise to my disguise, I miss my moustache.


Some day I'll miss Miss Manners, and all her good advice

I mis-spell Mississippi, but not the same way twice

When they taught how to keep a straight face I musta missed that day in class

'Cause when people say; "You never shoulda shaved" I just have to laugh


For all those years I had those hairs in the middle of my face

I only wish that all I've missed was so easily replaced

So goodbye old soup strainer, and hello razor rash

Just one slip on that naked lip, and I miss my moustache

Yes, and when the cold wind blows around my nose, I miss my moustache.



© Chuck McCabe

Contact: Woodshed Productions, 15466 Los Gatos Blvd. STE 109-161, Los Gatos, CA 95032 - chuck@chuck-mccabe.com.

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