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(Through My Daddy's Whiskey Bottle)



My daddy was a sinner, but he was still a family man

He'd pass out after dinner with a bottle in his hand

Mama'd fill the bottle full of water and hold it

over on it's side

She'd open up the Good Book, and The Word was magnified


Mama read the Bible, through my daddy's whiskey bottle

She'd seen a world of trouble and her eyes were growin' old

But Mama found revival in a double shot of Gospel

That's a chaser for the Devil when you're thirsty in your soul


Now when I remember Daddy snorin' and Mama pourin'

I understand the lesson that she taught me long ago:

Mama said that faith is where you find it, don't be blinded,

don't despair

Even in a sorry situation, there's a revelation there


(repeat chorus)



© Chuck McCabe

Contact: Woodshed Productions, 15466 Los Gatos Blvd. STE 109-161, Los Gatos, CA 95032 - chuck@chuck-mccabe.com.
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