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Chuck McCabe Celebration and Memorial Party (45)
On Saturday, October 9th 2010, Chuck McCabe's extended family gathered at Number One Broadway in Los Gatos, CA to remember a dear friend, musician, and all around good guy.
The Final Year (13)
MVY (8)
photos for MVY promo
New CD (2)
Sweet Reunion
Boston (13)
Northern Calif Songwriters' Festival (5)
Two nights of concerts, a day of workshops, and a live broadcast on NPR, all generously sponsored by the Shasta County Arts Council, Breedlove Guitars, Dean MArkley Strings, and Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Sisters Folk Festival (new) (11)
a few snaps from the 2004 Festival
Chicken Dinners release party (7)
August 7th at Espresso Garden Cafe
Sisters Folk Festival (7)
Woody Guthrie Songwriting Competition (3)
Okemah, Oklahoma - Chuck's song "Minimum Wager" wins the 2001 Woody Guthrie songwriting competion.
Belfast, Ireland (2)
Chuck and Myrtle accompany the famous Drumm Brothers (and sons) to the Emerald Isle.
Wildflower Festival (3)
So how do you get a drink in a dry county just north of Dallas? You join the Elks' Club.
Really Old Photos (12)
The Ghost(s) of Chuck McCabe Past
More-or-less modern times (7)
Pine Mtn. Festival (1)
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